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GoldenGate Inc. is an automotive parts manufacturing and trading company located in AnSan City,
South Korea.
Golden Gate, Inc has started its operation for world wide business develpements from 1994.
(Originated from DongWon metal Corporation, established in 1969, has been one of the front line
auto parts suppliers to leading automobile companies in South Korea over 45 years.)
Now we manufactures and provides automotive parts to the companies in U.S.A , Japan,
South Korea, and China
In rapidly changing global business situations, we have made many innovations in order to
meet the various requirements and expectations from our customers.

We promise to give each of our customers the satisfactions considering the experience
we have had over the years. We are confident in that we can provide our customers with
the highest quality products, with the most competitive prices.

Once again, thank you for visiting our business website.

Best regards,
The GoldenGate, Inc